Lets Be Extra Careful Out There People

well it’s that time of year again… school is back opened…  watch the road ways for kids .. and those big yellow machines they call Buses , if I heard it once I’ve heard it a thousand times… “I Didn’t See You”…… come on now how do you not see something much bigger than the family car?

2012-11-28 14.14.25
a few of my co-workers .. and me:)
2013-05-23 09.50.28
my very own mechanic
2013-04-08 11.15.15
1st day of school, everyone wants to take pictures of their kids at the bus
2013-02-08 13.31.46
i was lucky my last 2 years of work, my bus was in my drive way
2013-04-19 06.49.46
my 6:30 am run with the high school boys. poor guys these seats were not  made for them:)

I’ve been retired for exactly 2 years now . I miss the Kids, and I miss some co-workers, i had the best Boss most of my career ..17 years. i don’t miss fighting traffic. and the stupidity of people, seems they could be the nicest person on earth ..but when they step into the ride… they think they are invisible. anyway, i thought id share a few of my memories…..

getting ready for the afternoon run
getting ready for the afternoon run
im not going to lie.. winter driving sucks no matter what your driving
the parent who wants to drop the kid off early..because she wants to go shopping
and after some co-workers got use to seeing me with a camera.. it was pretty easy to get them all in a picture:) yep im in there too:)!!
ahh but one of the other highlights of my job…. being up every morning to see the sunrise. and thats about it, i just want to celebrate my retirement, and again do my part in reminding people to slow down
thanks for stopping by. have an awesome day... and remember. when u see yellow lights flashing.. slow down and be preparred  to stop
thanks for stopping by. have an awesome day… and remember. when u see yellow lights flashing.. slow down and be prepared to stop


  1. You had one of the toughest jobs I know of, Kathy and I bet you were wonderful with all that precious cargo! My boys were very fortunate to have some of the kindest bust drivers in town and all took their job very seriously. A wonderful array of images, my favorite is the one with the high school kids, I just love that pov! An excellent reminder for all, my friend!

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