Graffiti and where it lives


well its the last day of the month and Fraggy and  have a project we do at the last day, she has my photo, and its Graffiti …so I thought it was only fitting to blog about the very same thing.. even though these photos are from my archives.  I hope the link works so you can read about this “subway”

an old stairwell leading to the trains… we figured:)
and I soon found out ..why we needed protecting from the “elements”
we came acroos a few “homesteads” yes there were people living inside there, or at least that’s where they camped out for the nite.

the smell in this place was indescribable

one of the “camps”.no one was there.
thanks God there was an opening….for awhile
now for some artwork…



well at some point we had to turn around because the city is filling the whole thing in..and of course we came in at the entrance they had filled in 😦


Enter a caption
back inside
we’d find different signs around, we wondered if this was a sign for a woman’s bathroom.. it sure smelled like it could have been





heading over the the river from under the city


it was an adventurous day, and ive never felt the need to go back..not even sure how much is left opened. And its certainly not a place anyone would go alone.

if you stopped by ,thank you in advance, have a pleasant rest of the week.

24 thoughts on “Graffiti and where it lives

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    1. Thanks Sylvia , well it is terrible , and there are places these people can go esp. in the winter months , our city just like so many across the US have shelters , I realize there’s many who have “other issues” . We all do what we can .
      As for the “art work” it was really something to see. Just looking at them brings back the fowl smell that seemed to linger in my clothing . Thanks Sylvia for stopping by . Have s wonderful rest if the week

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol Matt, yeah it was something.. I have more they will be coming up , as I said I have no need to ever go back:) as I can really imagine 😂right Matt.
      Thanks my Friend ,I’m glad you like our little jaunt


    1. Thanks for your comment, sorry for the late reply, for some reason.. I get some but not all?. Yes it was really something down there, so much so fact, I never need to go again:)!!!!!


    1. oh jay thanks, not to worry, i just went back inot hibernation.. this weather does get the best of me, but mentally im fine:). i do appreciate your kindness..very much .XX


    1. Oh no way Mar. I was with a huge group of peeps. It’s very scary, in fact I don’t ever need to go there again;). I’m glad I went though, just another part of Rochesters history. Also.. soon to b gone , they are filling it in..


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