I’ve been in a hibernation funk.

I can’t believe I’ve been gone since July . Although I’ve been shooting Just about every day, I really felt like I had nothing to share, and then winter rolled in, and I really detest the cold and snow. I believe I’m starting to come alive again,

Today was a balmy 30 something, no wind and lots of fresh snow, so my Husband and I went for an early morning walk about the neighborhood, And like my dear friend Fraggy always says.. there is always something to see, all you have to do is look:) and look I did!!!!!!!:) and after 45 min. And almost 5 thousand steps. This is what a saw.This is an Equestrian center. We r so lucky to have this just across the road from us



      • Oh it’s hard not to bury our heads under a blanket this time of year. We had our share of snow but now we’re dealing with buckets of ice rain, which is unpleasant in its own way. I really hate driving in it, and the dogs slip and slide all over the yard!

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      • Oh Jay that’s too bad, yeah im glad i dint gave to drive the school bus in that stuff any more its the worst . We f waiting for some high winds to come through here today, its like the calm b4 the storm, a beautiful day, sunny and kinda warm . My head has been going bonkers.


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