Our bucket list trip, to Italy8

Adventures in Italy

A day spent here
Our ship
Let the wandering begin
I dislike crowds very much, but felt very comfortable here
We wandered , we had pizza and Italian beer , got a very good feel for this are, and loved it so much we’d go back to Santa Margherita ,Italy again. The people were so friendly and of course the weather was marvelous, my kind of weather…90ish:)

Is it Summer yet????

well we have had our share of ups and downs, weather wise… but i think we can say summer has arrived finally. im still doing my Hipstamatic , its kept me very busy. this week alone……we have prompts several times a day, to post what we are doing in that moment… that started friday evening, i was good, but im slipping, i think Ive missed 2 since yesterday.. busy week end, with a bank holiday, our Memorial Day.

Road Trip
the foot hills of the ALLEGHENY MNTS
roughly 2 hours later we arrived at our destination
ive never seen nicer parking garages

Corning ,NY is the manufacturer of Glass and ceramics. But back in the day it was coal, and lumber.we specifically went this past week end, because they were having a “glass fest” lots of Glass blowing and ceramic making.. all kinds of artsy stuff. not the run of the mill festival.

of course i must have been late to the party,cuz i saw no glass blowing on the street.
the cleanest and quaintest town ive been in ,in a long time.
one of the little on- site factories where glass is blown
so many pubs , and micro brewerys as well
well it was getting near time for some refreshment:) so the serach was on
and we had a winner. what a great name, now i wish we were spending the nite, instead of day trippin 🙂
so we had a little snack, and split this flight.

and i just had to share this little rascal , our “little” woodchuck… we have been trying hard to capture Him and take Him back to the wild..with no luck 😦 he is still living under our deck.So thats it for now, ill try hard not to be a stranger 🙂 and if you did stop by, thank you!!!

whats it gonna be….. Week 8

So my iPhone,iPad and PC are not jiving,at all ,

ive skipped a week on here.but im still very much doing a photo in Hipstagraph every day. each week is a different theme.

the one im posting is…all about..JUXTAPOSING…..  made me a bit nervous… mostly the word itself…  which means..only..side by side, mostly opposites,unexpected combos of colors,shapes,and ideas…..simply put especially for comparison or contrast.

here we go……..Km Salvatore (1)




and there you have it.  if I don’t think about the word itself, im fine:)

as for lenses and films we could use any combo this week, and on friday we will find out what the next torture wil be …lol.

if you stopped by, thank you very much. i hope you enjoyed and maybe learned something new? 🙂

Hipsta over a cuppa

Well its been a crazy week, lots of rain, and still rather cold here. a perfect time for me to sort and edit photos, I feel as if ive been on along journey 🙂 of sorts. memories with photos are the best!!!especially when the sun has gone, and the rain doesn’t go away.

So this past week our assignment for Hipsta365 was to use certain lenses..ones that don’t get used all that often… yes there are a handful I could certainly do with out..but here we go….hipstamaticphoto-578258445.036774-1

Time for a cuppa…. #Lenses~#Mabel and film~ Hackney


#lenses #Savannah #Film #Sequoia    a photo from last year…remastered:)


#Lenses #yuri61 and #film #US1776…  well the R is supposed to ber a russian R which is backwards..  just so you know 🙂    this was for 365 and also #windowWednesday.


how could i resist tasking this shot.. this poor woman seemed to be hold these cones for such a long time, it was like she was trying to decide if she should lick them both or not:)  #Lenses  #Doris and #film #Blanko


there is NO SMOKING aloud at our Farmers market, it does’t matter if your outside or not. and this woman thought She’d sneak a fast smoke … little did she realize I saw her:)    #lenses #LeAllan and #film #Blackeyes44.hipstamaticphoto-578105881.203791

well Hubbys birthday was last week-end, so in Tradition we went out for a nice meal.. and i saw these antique banks sitting on the bar…. i don’t know how many people remember them, very heavy metal (maybe lead). anyway, quickly.. u would lay a coin in the hand and there was a gizmo in the back to pop it up the jesters mouth.and hed swallow it:) i remember cuz my gramma gave me one.. wish i still had it.anyway.. #lenses    #chucnky and #film  #DreamCanvas.  btw… dinner was deeelish “)


as i mentioned earlier… nothing but rain….. well this was a wet weekend, last. Lenses…#Andre’ #Film #Cheshire. and #Apollo.

there’s always time for a cuppa.

well that will do it  for now 🙂 if you stopped by, thank you , and i hope you enjoyed looking at my shots for the week. i had fun.  have a great week end.

Week 5 hipsta 365

So most of us know that April is the month where our senses wake up… also our allergies🥴, but that also means the weather is getting nicer, and it’s staying light longer. So for last week we had to post things for spring….

Every year with out fail, just b4 the lilacs bloom, we get to see this lovely trail of Daffies. #LincolnLens and BlankoBl4Film is what I used.

And it wouldn’t be spring with out these guys:) I love nicnaks in my garden

#StavrosLens and #HackneyFilm

We were fortunate enough to climb into the mid70’s for a day, I live near3 colleges, and I believe I found one student playing hookie 😂. By the canal.

#AntoniLens and #DreamyFilm

Can ya smell it… the lake that is…..😂. All though it wasn’t in the 70’s any more it was still a very nice day along the lake. So still , caught a little fog, and some fishermen too.#wonderLens and #W40Film

This is probably my favorite shot. Of course it has a bench… I collect them you know😉

#NevilleLens and #DaydreamFilm

Finished cleaning up the beds and came across this …. I loved the color

#VicuńaCL Lens and #BlankoFilm

And on another walk we found Mamma Swan waiting for her babies to come

#LowyLens and #OttoFilm

And now to share my the newest member of our family……..lol

This little guy has been camping under our deck for some time now. He dug a hole in the beginning of fall, we thought he left… but.. there he is, He heard a noise, and he’s moving as fast as those little legs can carry him, back into his hole..under our deck.

Lol, this was mostly for Fraggy , since she shared her mice.🥴, I thought I’d share our new homesteader 😂😜

If you stoped by thanks so much. And please have a great day.


Hipsta…. Part 4

Well this past week, was a bit of a struggle for me, as our assignment was TREES, don’t get me wrong i love trees. but right now, they are all bare. anyhow…. besides looking for trees new and old. we could only use 3 lenses, and  film or flash we wanted., so i dug and i dug deep. and this is what i got.   of course by last nite i was really into the swing of things… i say of course becuz, tonight we get out new assignment.hipstamaticphoto-576962523.550015

well my usual walk along the Erie canal. i used  #Tree

#Stavros for the lens and my choice for film was   #La Seine and the birds came from another app called distressed FX.


the old man in the #tree 🙂  again  Lens #Stavros ~Film  #Shilshole.


one early morning sunrise…#trees Lens #Gregory ~ Film #Float


on a recent walk in the woods. #trees   lens #Sergio ~ Film #Blackeyes 1942 and apollo flash


my favorite, from our trip out west, this is in Breckenridge ,Co. . #Trees  Lens #Gregory ~ Film #Reeta 10 and Flash #Jolly Rainbow 2X


my other favorite…. early spring snow and…. a woodpecker,i believe ?   i don’t get to many good shots of birds.. i was so happy when i saw how great this turned out.

#Tree     lens #Stavros ~ Film #Indo and Flash #Apollo 66

47571398312_817469cc04_o (1)

last years floods along the lake and river… #Trees  … Lens #Gregory ~ Film #Indo 80 and Flash #Apollo.

the bay had over flowed so bad in  that area,   its  no longer used as seating at this restaurant . i guess the ground never recovered for that purpose.


till next week… if you stopped by, thanks in advance. and if your an iPhone user, i hope this may have helped you with the Hipstamatic  app .

A long Walk along the River


So, we were fortunate enough to enjoy a beautiful Spring Day Yesterday.  High 60’s , and sunny, for this time of year, we were all basking in the sunshine. so after Hubby and I did a little more yard work, we ventured out. to the other side of town. He’s still learning how to use my mirrorless camera, by the time we leave for our med. cruise, he’ll b in good shape, i think.33725034568_bb307c76d8_o

ok, to continue the journey ,once we parked the car, we had a hike… with a hill, doesn’t look like much here, but my knees felt it:)


this park is along the Genesee River, in Rochester,NY



places for people to sit or fish… actually in the warm weather people can tie up their boats  and have some time to look around, in the summer months its pretty crowded.


dave hunting for a good shot.. or something:)


seems ive screwed up somewhere… and can’t post the whole view.. so ..on with the hunt for wild life….46686457985_b52f17499d_o

the frogs were croaking up a storm, can ya see him?


and tons and tons of turtles…. my guess is turtle eggs are a delicacy for the Canadian geese:)


then we found Her…. primping her nest, like a mad woman.  but never moving her body. and then we saw why


Daddy swan, was in attack mode.. and this Canadian Geese was not going away



could have stayed there all day watching these 2. but nature was calling, in more ways than 1.  and i got my 10,000 steps plus 🙂


something i saw on the way back .


ok, getting close now…..one more hill. AND……DO

… what we do on the week ends:)

we enjoyed Calamari..Italiana syle..  and had a few brews 🙂 lol, one a piece. its pretty much all i can handle .

it was a great day in WNY, even though id rather be somewhere warmer, i made the best of it, and enjoyed it.:) Happy Sunday every one.

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